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The painter and sculptor Sabeth Holland (Elisabeth Constanze Holland-Rohner) was born on 20 April 1959 in Altstätten/Switzerland, and grew up in an artist's household. After training and working as a teacher and the birth of her middle daughter, she took up painting again, appeared in public with her first solo exhibition in 1991 and is now one of the most established Swiss contemporary artists. Sabeth Holland develops concepts for art on buildings as well as installations.
Since 1995, her works have been shown at international art fairs and in galleries in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Her works move on the border between figurative and abstract art. "Colour games" is what her works have been called. Colours that seem to tell enigmatic fairy tale episodes, a visual language of shapes and symbols.
Since then, she has exhibited regularly throughout Europe, America, and Asia. Sabeth Holland's works are now represented in private and public collections selectively on all continents. Her digital interventions also attract attention, and social media strengthen her "brand".

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B-renb-r.png Bärenbär
Article 0905: Packed in a white cardboard box and protected against damage by polystyrene. Each bear is handmade.
€72.80 *