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Ela Wozniewska was born in Boleslawiec, Poland in 1960. Ela Wozniewska lives in Berlin as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. From 1980 she studied painting and graphic design at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts in the Katowice branch. From 1983 - 85 she studied graphic design at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin (West) and received her diploma. She worked with publishing houses (including Ullstein, Limes, Propyläen, Cornelsen and Bertelsmann), theatres and other enterprises - interrupted by a stay in Spain (Madrid), where she lived from 1991 - 99 and worked for various publishing houses and the Ministry of Culture. Here she created her first cryptographic picture cycles. She participates in international exhibitions. Back in Berlin, she works freelance for agencies, magazines and Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH.

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Polygon Polygon
Article 2324: Packed in a white cardboard box and protected against damage by polystyrene. Each bear is handmade.
€66.80 *
I love Berlin Mini-Miniatur 6cm I love Berlin Mini-Miniatur 6cm
Buddy Bär Mini-Miniatur Size: 6cm, packed in a poly bag. Each bear is handmade
€13.90 *
Polygon, Mini-Miniatur, 6cm Polygon, Mini-Miniatur, 6cm
Article M 3324: Buddy Bear Mini Miniature. Size: 6 cm, packed in a poly bag. Each bear is handmade.
€13.90 *